A Self Care Toolkit

A Self Care Toolkit

I wanted to write a post about what might help when you’re feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, things on your mind or stress.

I’ve put together a list of 20 things that I hope you find useful in your self care.

Think of this as your Self Care Toolkit.

Each of these tools could help you in the short-term (or perhaps in the long term if you do them regularly) when you need to take a moment for yourself. I find the ‘toolkit’ analysis helpful because that way you don’t think of the activity as simply a distraction, but something that is combatting negative thoughts.

Tool 1 Your favourite film
or that film that your friends have been recommending to you for months that you never get round to watching!

Tool 2 Your best friends’ phone numbers
Your friends are there for you the same way that you’re there for them- don’t forget it!

Tool 3 Your favourite snack
A must (my personal favourite is Party Rings. I ain’t sorry).

Tool 4 Your self care coins jar
Ooh what a lovely and shameless segue to a previous blog post.

Tool 5 A relaxing shower or bath (with Lush bath bombs if you want to go that extra mile)
Not restricted only to the evenings, despite popular belief. Heck, take a shower at 2pm if you want. Break the mould. Go wild.

Tool 6 A hot drink
I recommend a decaf coffee, your favourite tea or some hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.

Tool 7 Your favourite book
Another link to a previous blog post? Surely not! This one includes a couple of self care book recommendations.

Tool 8 Earphones (and your favourite playlist, of course)
You have a blog post for that too? I might not have many blog posts, but somehow I’ve managed to plug three of them in one list. I’m pretty impressed too. This blog post includes some tips for self care on the go, and some of my favourite ‘chill’ artists.

Tool 9 The great outdoors
Even if only for a short walk- there’s something so refreshing about walking outside without the need to be somewhere at a certain time.

Tool 10 Cosy pyjamas
Invest in the new pyjamas you’ve been thinking about buying for months now- you deserve it.

Tool 11 Your favourite podcast

Tool 12 The Headspace app
This app is incredible, please check it out!

Tool 13 Pencil and paper
Whether you’re songwriting, doodling or writing down your thoughts, a pencil and paper is always helpful in your creative outlet.

Tool 14 A cosy blanket
Enough said.

Tool 15 A relaxing facemask
Facemasks are so underrated! It’s 2018 and you can literally get a face mask for anything.

Tool 16 Deliveroo (other delivery services are available)
Prezzo pizza is the one (in my humble opinion).

Tool 17 A schedule
Whether you’re planning your week or world domination, it’s always useful (and therapeutic) to have it written down so you don’t double book yourself.

Tool 18 Dancing
Dance alone in your room, dance with friends in the kitchen. Turn up your favourite music and cut those shapes.

Tool 19 Skincare
Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturise. Whatever you want to do, your skin (and future self) will thank you for it.

Tool 20 Sleep
This one is super important, It’s also key that you’re consistent with your sleeping pattern not only in terms of getting enough rest, but so that your mood, motivation and – to follow on from the previous tool – skin are at their best.

I hope you find a couple of these tools helpful- feel free to comment with your own self care tips and tools!

‘The time to relax is when you don’t have time to relax.’


featured photo: www.dizzybrunette3.com

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