Some of the links found on my blog are affiliate links – if you purchase a product using one of my links, I may receive a small amount of your purchase at no extra cost to you.

In other words, you get a product and I can continue to fuel my caffeine dependence. Win-win!

Sponsored Content + Adverts

I’m always keen to share brands and products that I’m loving with my readers. Sometimes these brands like my work as much as I like theirs, which means a creative collaboration – yay! This takes place in the form of a sponsored blog post, Instagram post and/or Twitter post, each of which I am remunerated for.

When I’m posting sponsored content on Nati Creates, it always includes ‘This post is in paid collaboration with X’ as the first line.

Gifted Products

From time to time, I’m lucky enough to be sent products or vouchers by brands. On these occasions, I am under no obligation to share them with you, nor to inform you that they were gifted.

I’m always so excited when a brand that I adore wants to work with me, so it’s incredibly likely you’ll know when a product is gifted!

Content + Copyright

The content found on Nati Creates has been created by me (hence the name) unless otherwise stated.

The content found on Nati Creates is not permitted to be used elsewhere without my prior written permission.

UPDATED 12 | 10 | 2018

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