Dress Code: Self Care

Dress Code: Self Care

Disclaimer: Obviously there are days (especially if you’re dealing with mental health issues) when you just need a day of Netflix and pyjamas. This is normal and, actually, good for you from time to time (I’d recommend once a month, or once a fortnight if you have the time!).

It’s so tempting when you’re working from home during the day to either stay in pyjamas or shower and get into new pyjamas. The same often happens if you’re feeling low and you’re not up to going out and seeing people. This is totally normal and understandable – why should we put in effort to look presentable when we’re not seeing anyone else?

I’m aware that it may seem outwardly pointless, but personally I find that actually, putting on jeans and a tshirt after a shower, even if I’m not going out that day, is putting on clothes that aren’t loungewear items. It might not be as comfortable as wearing pyjamas, but it at least lowers the temptation to get back into bed once you’re up!


I’m not suggesting wearing a full face of makeup – I never wear makeup if I’m staying in – but if putting on a little bit of concealer and mascara makes you feel more confident and proactive, go for it! We should wear makeup for ourselves anyway!

Studies have shown that what we wear often has the ability to affect our mood – throw in an interest in fashion, and you’re definitely going to be able to boost your productivity with an outfit you feel good in! From here we can conclude that, if you’re feeling low, one small way to lift you up – even if only a tiny bit – might be wearing something that either makes you feel good, or that reminds you of something that makes you happy.

They say that what you wear helps other people form an impression of who you are and how they should feel about you. They’re not the priority here – you are. One way to learn to form a better impression on yourself, of yourself, is by wearing something that makes you feel good, or wearing that new lipstick that you bought.

Trust me, you deserve to feel as wonderful as you are. Take the time to care for yourself in whatever way makes you feel comfortable and confident – whether that’s makeup, clothing, or simply new pyjamas.

I hope you find this little tip helpful in boosting your productivity, and if not – please comment with your own tips for lifting your mood when staying in.

‘Dressing well isn’t self importance, it’s self respect.’

photo: www.fabulousplaces.co.uk

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