How to Curate Your Social Media Feeds + Use the Internet for Good Vibes Only

How to Curate Your Social Media Feeds + Use the Internet for Good Vibes Only


The clue is in the name – it’s a social media feed. Your mind is consuming every image, article and thought you scroll past. It’s time we start utilising social media for good vibes only.




With the widespread and – quite frankly – overwhelming excitement that has taken place since the dawn of the internet, it’s understandable that consumers (readers, writers, social media-loiterers) have spent every second doing everything they can do soak it up. Whether it’s following every makeup brand you’ve ever used on Instagram just in case they post something you’re interested in, or subscribing to every channel that ever popped up in your YouTube ‘Suggested’ section for that day when you have hours of spare time (spoiler: that day is a bit far off), we’ve powered into the social media world full steam ahead.


Well, who could blame us?


It’s a bit like when you find that one song that you adore, the one you’re convinced you could listen to it on repeat forever, and then after a week of playing it on repeat you can’t bear to have it on and spend your silent commutes wishing you had more self control.





I’m starting to see a change in pattern with regards to how I consume information online and what I choose to put in my social media diet, as such. Particularly from listening to Emma Gannon’s Ctrl-Alt-Delete podcast, it has become apparent to me that there are number of people out there finding themselves in the same position.

Enough time has passed since social media became as engrained in our day-to-day routine as brushing our teeth that the effects of social media on the human psyche and wellbeing are rapidly starting to surface. We’re learning shocking statistics and realising that, whilst the online world helps us to reap every benefit it can offer, there is are unhealthy consequences as a result of certain types of content, and these grey clouds are not difficult to find.

We need to take a step back and reevaluate what we’re feeding our minds.

So where do we begin?




Once a month, go through each social media channel and unfollow anyone whose content isn’t motivating you, inspiring you or simply isn’t what you enjoy scrolling through. This is such a simple step but it’s so easy for months to go past without us dedicating time (even just fifteen minutes) to analyse whether or not we’re actually benefitting from our intake of the content we see on our screens every day.




Follow the accounts that make you smile; those that inspire you creatively, personally, intellectually. In the saturated abyss of available content it can be quite the task to find places that will actually send you the good vibes you deserve everyday, so I thought I’d put together a selection of my favourite go-to accounts for encouragement, support and creative empowerment!

The Insecure Girls’ Club @theinsecuregirlsclub

Recently set up by blogger Liv Purvis, The Insecure Girls’ Club is an unlikely space on Instagram where it’s okay to talk about the social media’s negative effects on our mindset and, in many cases, mental health.

In her recent discussion with Lucy Moon on Lucy’s The Sunday Social podcast, Liv admitted that, ironically, she found herself become insecure about The Insecure Girls’ Club. Whilst this is sad and ultimately worrying, it’s an important space. That’s why I’m determined to back it and tell Liv she’s doing a wonderful thing by running it!


Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 09.34.44.png



The Multi-Hyphen Method @themultihyphenmethod

Emma Gannon is changing the way we see the world of work. Following the release of her second book, The Multi-Hyphen Method (which, by the way, is a Sunday Times Bestseller), Emma started an Instagram account that celebrates the women out there who are daring to do something different in their career.

This ‘something’ is one which defies the stereotypical Monday-to-Friday-9-to-5 routine and focuses on enjoying every day instead of spending each week waiting for the weekend. It’s about ‘working less and creating more’, and is what Emma has coined as ‘being a multi-hyphenate’.


Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 09.36.54.png



One Girl Band @onegirlband_

Lola Hoad is a creative business coach for female entrepreneurs and set up a collective – One Girl Band – as a space for likeminded women who work for themselves to connect with one another. Having now grown into a co-working space in the centre of Brighton, Lola uses the One Girl Band Instagram for words of encouragement, support and endless good vibes from someone who gets it.





Feminists Don’t Wear Pink @feminists

With the release of her new book of feminist essays by incredible women from across the globe, Feminists Don’t Wear Pink, Scarlett Curtis’ aptly named Instagram account features a curated selection of hilarious and vital quotes alongside reminders that women are capable of anything, no matter what society has tried to tell us.


Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 09.40.39.png


Drawings of Dogs @drawingsofdogs

Now this is some real wholesome content. Over on Twitter, Drawings of Dogs posts regular reminders of what we can do to support others in the form of adorable cartoons, as well as satirical illustrations which basically reflect how silly we can be as humans. I’d recommend this account to everyone, whether you’re looking to curate your feed or not.




What are your go-to social media accounts for good vibes? I’d love to check them out!


featured photo: gabrielle cole on Unsplash
photos: Jess Watters on Unsplash



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  1. November 2, 2018 / 10:22 AM

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have now gone and followed every single account you recommended and am excited for them to fill my feed with positivity. It is certainly true that social media can sometimes make us feel insecure, self-conscious and negative, impacting our mental health and state of mind. But, after what you have written, I think sometimes it is essential to recognise that it can also build communities, introduce us to brilliant people and allow us to share what we love. Thank you for highlighting this.

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