Investing in a Daily Journal

Investing in a Daily Journal

I invested in my first daily journal when I started university. I knew I was going to be surrounded by unfamiliar faces in unfamiliar surroundings, but as I started looking through the university’s scheduled freshers events, my course timetable and the number of societies and events happening every day on and off campus, I knew I’d need to find a way to manage my time (and also my FOMO).

I started searching for a diary I could use as a planner to make sure I didn’t forget important events. You’d think it’s pretty easy to find a daily planner nowadays. Well, you’re right. It really is. But when you’re creative and fussy, it’s a little bit trickier. If, like me, you find yourself happiest and most productive in certain surroundings, you’ll understand the importance of having a journal that just ‘works’ for you in terms of its layout and its exterior – you’re looking at it multiple times a day, whether it’s sitting on a desk or in a handbag.

I have found what I believe to be the perfect daily planner(with a couple of necessary unnecessary sections, of course – better to have too much space on a page than too little). This comes in the form of the Daily Journal by Ohh Deer. Available on the Ohh Deer website and Urban Outfitters, they’re around £15 depending on the retailer.

– so. much. space.
– each day can be planned out to the half hour – when they say planner they MEAN IT
– multiple sections so even your organisation can be organised – there are designated areas with titles including ‘notes’, ‘to do’, ‘today’s objective’, and even ‘doodles’ (I have never used that last section but I appreciate the thought)

–  none of the pages are dated so you have to fill out every single page by hand with the day/month/year etc. (this can be a pro as it means you can start it whenever)
– it can be quite heavy to carry around in a handbag (this can be a pro as this is because you get lots of pages!)

You’ll like this product if you’re looking for
An efficient daily planner that helps you sort out your plans and your thoughts that’s available in a range of aesthetically pleasing exteriors!



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