YouTubers: My Thoughts & Top Picks

YouTubers: My Thoughts & Top Picks

With the evergrowing popularity of YouTube and the widespread knowledge of the money that those posting videos on the platform can make, the desire to be a YouTuber is on the uprise.

The YouTuber Mould
However, the success achieved by some YouTubers has caused many people to try to create a formula or strategy which they can follow to reach the same number of views and subscribers. Whilst an understanding of how to increase awareness of your channel is important, I find it sad to watch people who are clearly trying to fit a mould by mimicking the style, mannerisms or expressions used by well-known YouTubers in the hope that reflecting their content will reflect their success. Surely you’d want people to subscribe to your channel knowing that they like you for you!

Passion or Money?
As a result, it’s not uncommon to find YouTubers who are clearly posting videos for reasons you likely don’t agree with (such as simply for fame or money). Personally, I think creating YouTube videos (and blogging, but that’s a post for another time) is a skill and an art at which we can improve as we grow. It is my understanding of the pursual of media as a passion which makes me respect those that begin creating content simply out of love for the art, rather than for the reasons mentioned previously.

My Favourite YouTubers
Bearing these thoughts in mind, I’ve put together a list of my favourite YouTubers (I’ve linked each of their channels, too). Since discovering the platform over 10 years ago, I’ve sifted through my fair share of channels, but I’ve continued to watch these people for years in the knowledge that they aren’t trying to be anything but themselves, which I find so lovely and inspiring to watch.

Lucy Jane Wood | YouTube
YouTube Subscriber Count: 51KDXRqqqIX4AAEyqb.jpg
I think Lucy is one of the most underrated content creators out there, and I want more people to know how lovely she is and support her! She doesn’t try to create the perfect ‘influencer’ image like many YouTubers do now, and it’s nice to see genuine and humble content. I hate the term ‘average’ because I think everyone has things that they excel in, but you can understand Lucy’s vibe with the knowledge that she’s created an entire series of videos called ‘Average Girl Tries [New Makeup Brand]’. Join me in subscribing to her channel to show her she’s great!

Elle Adams | YouTube
Youtube Subscriber Count: 31K165A7015
Another YouTuber without enough recognition: Elle. I really enjoy watching Elle’s videos because she’s so down to earth. Elle’s videos range from hauls and try ons to travel vlogs, and in each one her ability to create vibrant yet classy outfits (and find stunning locations around London to take photos in) constantly amazes me. Her Instagram is perfect for style inspiration, and, even better, she’s a big fan of high street stores – finally, a YouTuber that doesn’t try to offer #relatable style tips starting with a £250 Gucci tshirt.

Lily Pebbles | YouTube
YouTube Subscriber Count: 463Kaboutme_profilepic.jpg
The lovely thing about Lily’s videos (and her blog) is that she is a realist. She doesn’t sugar coat things or pretend to like a product just to make money from views, and it’s very clear to see how genuine she is in each of her videos. I recently wrote a blog post about her book, The F Word, and in reading the book you’ll find her honesty and sensibility. I really admire her fashion choices (her hauls are a great watch and simultaneously never good for my bank account) and I’m loving watching the transformation of her new home as she records the journey to her perfect interior style!

Anna Newton | YouTube
YouTube Subscriber Count: 454Kunnamed-3.jpg
Whilst Anna is a YouTuber, she also happens to be an exceptionally talented blogger. I absolutely love reading and watching the content she creates because (as with Lily) each video and post is so original! Her channel features everything from lifestyle tips and travel vlogs to skincare products and, as someone who has previously worked in Beauty PR, she knows a thing or two about makeup – she’s definitely an opinion I trust! Anna has definitely inspired me in terms of style. Her videos on creating a capsule wardrobe have low-key changed my outlook on life (okay that was an exaggeration) (kind of), and I really appreciate how down to earth she is, which shines through in every one of her videos.

Imogen Hudson | YouTube
YouTube Subscriber Count: 211Kstatic1.squarespace
Imogen’s videos are such a joy to watch. She is the epitome of good vibes and is so keen to create a community with her followers, which is so lovely. Endlessly positive and constantly trying out new types of content whilst continuing to create the staple videos that her followers love, what more could you want in a YouTuber?!

Samantha Maria | YouTube
YouTube Subscriber Count: 1.8Mfc6a7295-edit-2.jpg
I’ve been watching Sam’s videos for years and it’s so exciting to watch as her style develops and her success as a content creator grows. With a degree in fashion styling, it’s unsurprising that she’s my go-to YouTuber when it comes to mixing staple pieces with upcoming trends. She’s also an incredible photographer and you should definitely check out her blog (which actually came before her YouTube channel) to see some of her work! Sam’s videos are clearly extremely well planned and thought out – each one is edited seamlessly yet her lovely, hilarious and honest personality always shines through.

Claire Marshall | YouTube
YouTube Subscriber Count: 965Ku-kxLR-l_400x400.jpg
Claire is an incredibly talented makeup artist based in LA who creates beauty and makeup videos (with the occasional jealousy-inducing travel vlog). One of the things I love most about watching Claire’s videos is how beautiful her editing style is. She has such a creative flair not just in content, but in the final cut of each video, which ties each video together perfectly. Each video is honest and often informative, and I’ve learned a lot about style, makeup and interior from Claire since watching her videos.

Zoe Sugg | YouTube
YouTube Subscriber Count: 12MDZoLyVvWsAAoZKM.jpg
I started watching Zoe’s videos in 2010. As someone who has experience anxiety for years, being able to see Zoe’s progress and success in overcoming her panic attacks has not only been wonderful to watch, but also encouraging and motivating in pushing myself to overcome things I never thought I’d be able to do. I think she’s an incredibly talented content creator and businesswoman (with an unbelievably good eye for interiors!).

Let me know if you have subscribed/are now going to subscribe to any of these YouTubers and any thoughts you have on the platform itself!

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