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About The Cotswolds

Population 140,000

AKA An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (clearly the Glossier model of England)

Fun fact! The Cotswold Stone Walls that run through the Cotswolds is longer that the Great Wall of China.


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Mol’s Top Picks

One of the highlights of the places in my local area is Blenheim Palace, a truly great place to live near. Walking round the grounds is such a tranquil experience and it’s so interesting to see how it changes throughout the seasons. The glorious sunny days with the flowers emerging in spring and summer, and how all the tones become warmer in the autumn.  Christmas has to be my favourite time of year to go, the annual illuminated lights trail in the grounds is a magical experience. The palace itself is also a fascinating visit if you are interested in history and experiencing the grand atmosphere.

A lovely place to visit in (the summer especially) is the Cotswold Lavender Farm in Broadway. The endless rows of purple and violet are so gorgeous and the aroma of the lavender is extremely relaxing.


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My latest local discovery is Rousham Gardens, the gardens were landscaped and designed in 17th century Georgian Britain and is one of the most beautiful and serene places I have ever visited, not just in my local area. It remains exactly the same as it was when it was built by William Kent, walking round the stone archways and heightening rose bushes makes you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. One of the best qualities of living in a rural environment is that most places around our area feel so peaceful and calm, you can still feel like you can get away from the chaos of modern life.


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Due to being such a gorgeous area and attracting tourists who are looking for a rural escape, there are so many fab places to eat and drink in the Cotswolds, here are my two favourites.


The Hive | Stow on the Wold

If you love amazing home-made cakes, a good ol’ cup of coffee, and a traditional English cooked breakfast, then please do visit this lovely place if you are ever in the Cotswolds. The rustic and cosy interior along with their friendly staff make eating and drinking here a real treat. My particular favourite drink is their mochas, and their cooked breakfast is especially great in the cold of the winter months. All the food and drinks are also served in the most gorgeous ceramic pottery, giving the experience a lovely touch.

You can find their website here:



The Straw Kitchen | Whichford

This is such a unique find, I don’t think you’ll find another place to eat and drink that is as funky as this place. The decor is colourful, filled with so many interesting items; books, a piano and the prints and wall decor is so vibrant, all these items somehow make the place feel very put together. The food and drinks are also incredible and so unique, they make me want to eat healthy food because it’s so good! Their fresh lemonade and chocolate and banana cake is also a firm favourite of mine.

You can find their website here:


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Why Mol loves it

With its chocolate box villages, rambling fields, and houses made of traditional Cotswold stone, this area of outstanding natural beauty really is a stunning place to be able to call home, and I have done for 19 years.

It’s so lovely to live in a village, surrounded by farmer’s fields, the feeling of open space and peace is one I cherish since going to university in a city and realising how lucky I am to live here.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about the Cotswolds!


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